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The Course of Study

Students must complete a minimum of 26 semester units in order to earn an M.L.S. degree.  There are three categories of courses:

(1) Required core courses, designed exclusively for M.L.S. students (12 units total):

  1. Introduction to Law (1 unit, taught from August 17-21, 2020)
  2. Private Law: Property and Contract (3 units, fall semester)
  3. The Modern Regulatory State (3 units, fall semester)
  4. Legal Analysis and Communication (2 units, fall semester)
  5. Business Law for Non Lawyers OR The American Dispute Resolution System (3 units, spring semester)

(2) Elective courses, selected from the UCLA Law J.D. curriculum (11-15 units total). 200+ courses to choose from.

(3) A capstone seminar (3 units), which allows students to deeply engage with issues relevant to their career focus or intellectual interest.


M.L.S. students may earn a specialization by selecting their elective courses and completing their capstone project in a particular field of study. Students may either select an area of specialization from one of the eight fields listed below, or they may design their own specialization based on their individual career goals with the approval of M.L.S. program director. Click on the links below to see the range of courses that satisfy the requirements of each specialization. Note: not all of the courses listed are offered every year.