Business Law Courses & Clinics

Business Law Courses

Course # Course Name Faculty
LAW 100 Contracts Daniel J. Bussel / Kenneth N. Klee / Russell Korobkin / Timothy Malloy / Stephen R. Munzer / Jason Oh / Seana Shiffrin / Katherine Stone / Rebecca Stone / Alexander Stremitzer / Noah D. Zatz
LAW 130 Property E. Tendayi Achiume / Stuart Banner / Taimie L. Bryant / Ann E. Carlson / Judith Daar / Susan Fletcher French / Stephen R. Munzer / Grant S. Nelson / Edward A. Parson / Angela R. Riley / Richard H. Sander / Jonathan M. Zasloff
LAW 205 Wills and Trusts Elizabeth Bawden / Judith Daar / Susan Fletcher French / Patrick D. Goodman
LAW 207 Community Property Grace Ganz Blumberg / Hillary F. Slevin
LAW 209 Real Estate Finance Grant S. Nelson
LAW 220 Introduction to Federal Income Taxation Steven A. Bank / Jason Oh / Kirk J. Stark / Eric M. Zolt
LAW 222 Estate and Gift Taxation Elizabeth Bawden
LAW 224 U.S. International Taxation Eric M. Zolt
LAW 228 Mergers & Acquisitions Stephen M. Bainbridge
LAW 230 Business Associations Iman Anabtawi / Stephen M. Bainbridge / Steven A. Bank / Scott L. Cummings / Sung Hui Kim / Lynn M. LoPucki / James Park
LAW 231 Advanced Corporation Law Stephen M. Bainbridge
LAW 232 Cybersecurity Law and Policy Stuart Biegel / Kristen Eichensehr
LAW 234 Accounting For Lawyers John J. Power
LAW 236 Securities Regulation Sung Hui Kim / James Park
LAW 238 Executive Compensation Steven A. Bank
LAW 240 Antitrust Law I Mark F. Grady / Benjamin Klein
LAW 244 Television Law Sandra Stern
LAW 248 Business Bankruptcy Daniel J. Bussel / Kenneth N. Klee / Alexander Stremitzer
LAW 249 Tax Aspects of Mergers & Acquisitions Steven A. Bank
LAW 250 Secured Transactions Lynn M. LoPucki
LAW 252 Business Torts Harry Mittleman
LAW 258 Professional Responsibility Issues in Sophisticated Business Transactions, Litigations, and Reorganizations Daniel J. Bussel
LAW 259 International Commercial Arbitration Jeffrey Dasteel
LAW 261 Employment Law Scott R. Ames / Steven J. Kaplan
LAW 271 International Business Transactions Richard H. Steinberg
LAW 272 International Trade Law Richard H. Steinberg
LAW 285 Local Government Law Scott L. Cummings
LAW 286 Land Use Jonathan M. Zasloff
LAW 290 Environmental Law and Policy Ann E. Carlson / Sean B. Hecht / Cara Horowitz / Edward A. Parson
LAW 291 Taxation of Business Enterprises Steven A. Bank / Jason Oh
LAW 293 Public Natural Resources Law and Policy Sean B. Hecht
LAW 302 Copyright Law Douglas Lichtman / Neil W. Netanel
LAW 303 Music Industry Law Susan C. Genco
LAW 304 International Intellectual Property Neil W. Netanel
LAW 305 Entertainment Law Susan Akens / Nicholas La Terza
LAW 306 Patent Law Alan Heinrich / Andrei Iancu / Douglas Lichtman
LAW 307 Intellectual Property Mark F. Grady / Douglas Lichtman
LAW 317 Family Law LaToya Baldwin Clark / Grace Ganz Blumberg / Frances Elisabeth Olsen
LAW 343 Complex Finance Transactions Vicki Marmorstein
LAW 348 European Union Law Stephen Gardbaum / Guy Scoffoni
LAW 358 Financial Analysis John J. Power
LAW 362 Investment Companies and Investment Advisors Timothy Spangler
LAW 363 Tax - Exempt Organizations Taimie L. Bryant / Jill R. Horwitz
LAW 364 Motion Picture Distribution Kenneth Ziffren
LAW 372 Motion Picture Financing Nicholas La Terza
LAW 380 State and Local Taxation Kirk J. Stark
LAW 391 Venture Capital and the Start-Up Company Michael A. Woronoff
LAW 392 Lifecycle of a Corporation Neil J Wertlieb
LAW 399 Advanced Real Estate Transactions Thomas Muller
LAW 403 Contracts for Foreign Lawyers Thomas G. Kelch / Amjad Mahmood Khan / Jin S. Park / Peter L. Reich
LAW 413 Contract Law: Analysis and Application Jin S. Park
LAW 432 International and Comparative Sports Law Steven A. Bank
LAW 434 Accounting and Financial Skills for Lawyers Paul Habibi
LAW 437 Telecommunications Regulation Douglas Lichtman
LAW 446 Entrepreneurship & Venture Initiation George J. Abe
LAW 447 Corporate Finance - Securities Markets and Corporate Value Lori Santikian
LAW 506 Advanced Topics: Corporate & Securities Law James Park
LAW 517 Taxation and Development Eric M. Zolt
LAW 522 Land, Dispossession and Displacement: Topics in Property Law K-Sue Park
LAW 525 Patent Intensive Alan Heinrich / Andrei Iancu / Douglas Lichtman / Keith Orso
LAW 543 UCLA Colloquium on Tax Policy and Public Finance Jason Oh / Kirk J. Stark / Eric M. Zolt
LAW 560 Regulation of the Business Firm: Theory and Practice Timothy Malloy
LAW 604 Accounting, Finance and the Law James Park
LAW 606 Mergers and Acquisitions Iman Anabtawi
LAW 659 Comparative Corporate Law Lynn M. LoPucki
LAW 660 Cities in Distress Kirk J. Stark
LAW 662A/B Advanced Copyright: Garcia v. Google and its Impact David Nimmer
LAW 681 What Drives Innovation Neil W. Netanel
LAW 695 Antitrust Analysis: Case Studies from Recent Mergers Jonathan Orszag
LAW 900 Contract Design Alexander Stremitzer
LAW 915 Law and Economics Ben Depoorter / Thomas S. Ulen
LAW 918 Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Joel A. Feuer
LAW 923 Taxation and Development Eric M. Zolt
LAW 940 Chapter 11 Overview for Law 740 Daniel J. Bussel
LAW M526 Housing Segregation, Housing Discrimination, and the Evolution of Public Policy Richard H. Sander

Business Law Clinics

Course # Course Name Faculty
LAW 646 Nonprofit Law Clinic: Advanced Research and Drafting Jill R. Horwitz / Lynn McClelland
LAW 714 Structuring Business Deals and Negotiations Michael Gottfried / John F. Hilson / Kenneth N. Klee / Kimberlina N. McKinney
LAW 739 Community Economic Development Clinic Scott L. Cummings / Doug Smith
LAW 740 Bankruptcy Transactional Course: Negotiating and Confirming Chapter 11 Plans Daniel J. Bussel / Kenneth N. Klee
LAW 741 Environmental Aspects of Business Transactions Timothy Malloy
LAW 743 Corporate Practice Clinic Joel A. Feuer / Mark Tarango
LAW 744 Merger and Acquisition Transactions Iman Anabtawi
LAW 745 Corporate Finance Transactions John F. Hilson
LAW 751 Transactional Skills Jeffrey B. Conner / John F. Hilson
LAW 757 Insurance for Litigators David Babbe
LAW 759 Transactional Skills: Lifecycle of a Business Neil J Wertlieb
LAW 763 Contract Drafting Sarah Korobkin / Ryan Worrell
LAW 764 UCLA Transactional Law Competition Sarah Korobkin
LAW 765 Trademark Clinic Jonathan A. Hyman / Susan Natland
LAW 768 Sports Law Simulation Steven K. Derian
LAW 780 Tax Practice Jason Oh
LAW 782 International Commercial Arbitration Law and Advocacy Jeffrey Dasteel
LAW 787 Real Property Practice Simulation for Foreign Lawyers Peter L. Reich
LAW 811 Practicum Jeffrey Dasteel
LAW 825 Investment Management Law Practicum Timothy Spangler
LAW 972 Negotiation Theory & Practice (J-Term) Susan Akens / David Babbe / Robert Feldman / Geneviève Helleringer / Russell Korobkin / Eileen A. Scallen / Elizabeth Scully