Consumer Law Courses & Clinics

Consumer Law Courses

Course # Course Name Faculty
LAW 100 Contracts Daniel J. Bussel / Kenneth N. Klee / Russell Korobkin / Timothy Malloy / Stephen R. Munzer / Jason Oh / Seana Shiffrin / Katherine Stone / Rebecca Stone / Alexander Stremitzer / Noah D. Zatz
LAW 140 Torts Blake Emerson / Mark F. Grady / Cara Horowitz / Jill R. Horwitz / Jennifer L. Mnookin / Rachel F. Moran / Frances Elisabeth Olsen / Rebecca Stone / Eugene Volokh / Alex Wang
LAW 216 Administrative Law Blake Emerson / Jon D. Michaels
LAW 245 Drug and Medical Device Law Tarifa B. Laddon
LAW 306 Patent Law Alan Heinrich / Andrei Iancu / Douglas Lichtman
LAW 307 Intellectual Property Mark F. Grady / Douglas Lichtman
LAW 321 Legislation and Regulation Kristen Eichensehr / Daniel Hays Lowenstein
LAW 326 Health Law and Policy Julie D. Cantor / Jill R. Horwitz
LAW 363 Tax - Exempt Organizations Taimie L. Bryant / Jill R. Horwitz
LAW 440 Introduction to Food Law and Policy Michael T. Roberts
LAW 515 The Entrepreneurial State Jon D. Michaels
LAW 525 Patent Intensive Alan Heinrich / Andrei Iancu / Douglas Lichtman / Keith Orso
LAW 584 Human Rights and Sexual Politics Andrew Park / Lara Stemple
LAW 612 Reproduction, Medical Ethics, and the Law Julie D. Cantor
LAW 654 Contemporary Free Exercise Issues: Sword or Shield? Michelle N. Deutchman
LAW 689 Future Law: Legal & Governance Responses to Transformative Societal Trends Edward A. Parson
LAW 917 Health Law & Policy Research Lynn McClelland
LAW 944 How Should We Fix the U.S. Health Care System? Jill R. Horwitz / Lynn McClelland

Consumer Law Clinics

Course # Course Name Faculty
LAW 760A/B Patent Clinic Eugene K. Chong