Resnick Center for Food Law & Policy

Resnick Center for Food Law and Policy


The Resnick Center provides cutting-edge legal research and scholarship in food law and policy.

What We Do

Publications and Scholarship

The Resnick Center publishes and contributes to a broad range of scholarship - treatises, books, book chapters, journals, white papers, and blogs - that builds food-law curriculum and stimulates discussion on important decisions about food issues affecting millions of people in local and global communities.

Convening and Collaboration

The Resnick Center advances its research and scholarship by convening roundtables, conferences, and events to address important issues in food law and policy that affect the quality of life for humans and the planet and by collaborating with experts in food-systems thinking. 

Leadership Development and Student Training

The Resnick Center attracts, trains, and supports tomorrow's food law and policy leaders, scholars, and practitioners through course offerings that generate student scholarship and research opportunities and through a student clinic that provides policy advocacy training.