Guide for Students Interested in Corporate Law

Guide for Students Interested in Corporate Law Recommended Track within the J.D. Specialization in Business Law

Lawyers who practice in Corporate Law represent corporations, lenders, investors, and regulators. Among other things, they provide advice on transactions such as initial public offerings, corporate disclosures, mergers & acquisitions, financings, and other transactions. Lawyers practicing Corporate Law are frequently transactional lawyers; however, students interested in business litigation may also benefit from the courses listed in the Corporate Law Recommended Track. Securities litigators need to understand the federal securities law. Litigators who are involved in cases arising out of complex transactions, such as an M&A agreement, are well served if they understand the legal and business fundamentals of the deal.

This guide identifies three groups of courses offered in the Business Law Specialization that are of particular relevance to the student who is interested in Corporate Law. The “Core Classes” reflect the faculty’s views of which classes are most important to a student interested in the area of Corporate Law. “Electives” are courses that are relevant to such a student. “Transactional Skills” reflect the transactional skills courses in the Business Law Specialization that are of particular relevance to the student interested in Corporate Law.

Important Note: This Guide does not create additional requirements and does not alter the requirements for the student in the Business Law Specialization. The student interested in Corporate Law must still take the Foundation Courses, and the required numbers of Group A, Group B and Transactional Skills courses for the Business Law Specialization. The Guide simply reflects the faculty's view of the courses a student interested in Corporate Law may want to take in completing the Business Law Specialization. Also, taking courses listed in this Guide will not result in an additional designation on the student's transcript beyond Completed Business Law Specialization, assuming all the requirements of the Business Law Specialization have been met. Also, course offerings may vary from year to year.

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